Prohibited ipv6 module on centos

Follow the steps below to disable the ipv6 module: #chkconfig ip6tables off #vim /etc/modprobe.d/dist.conf The last to join, pay attention to the format alias net-pf-10 off options ipv6 disable = 1 #vim / etc / hosts # :: 1 localhost localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6 The final restart to take effect Then look no ipv6 is not #lsmod […]

study file system type under CentOS

1, with superuser privileges landing Linux, enter /lib/modules/2.6.32–504.el6.x86_64/kernel/fs directory ls command (different Linux distributions Fs directory you can find some different FS folder The way to find it). As shown below: Here we are at the development of the advantages and disadvantages of the most common file system for a few details: ext, ext2, ext3, […]

SQUID is a proxy cache server. Easy setup and installation in CentOS

Squid is a software package that implements a caching proxy server for HTTP, FTP, Gopher, and (in the case of the appropriate configuration) HTTPS. Designed by the community as open source (distributed under the GNU GPL). All requests runs as anon-blocking i/o process. Installation yum install squid Note For a proxy server, you must […]

Fix CentOS 6 “bash: scp: command not found”

Users of VPS servers or dedicated servers sometimes poses a problem when transferring files via SCP Protocol, for example,when trying to copy from your old server to the new server you will get an error: “bash: scp: command not found”, this is due to the fact that on your new server not installed SCP client. […]

The Inclusion Of Networkmanager centos vps

A large number of noubukov now have built-in wireless network card. And evenif it is at the moment no, there are many options to add a wireless device to your laptop.   NetworkManager is a service that is running on your system thatpozvolâetlegko set up your network connection, and, which is especially usefulto set up […]

CentOS install a bunch of MySQL + PHP5 + Apache2 (LAMP)

Today we continue our series of articles on installing and configuring the popular Linux distro CentOS–Server 6.1. We remind that this distribution isbased on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 which is the most popular commercialdistribution for servers in an enterprise environment.