View the CPU CentOS physical number, audit, the

Number one, first and foremost a physical CPU, the concept of audit, the number of logical CPU

1. physical CPU count: actual number insert the CPU on the motherboard, unique physical ID number can have several (physical ID)

2.CPU: single CPU can handle data the number of chipsets, such as dual-core, quad-core (CPU cores)

3. the number of logical CPU: under normal circumstances, the logical physical CPU CPU= x number of each audit, if not the same, the server’s CPU support Hyper-Threading technology (HT: simply put, it allows processor 1 core 2 core that play a role in the operating system. In this way, the operating system can use execution resources to expand the 1 time and substantially improves the overall performance of the system, x number of logical CPU= physical CPU each audit X2)

(processer 0-n)

Second, check the/proc/cpuinfo to see CPU information

1. physical CPU count: [XXXX@server ~]$ grep ‘physical id’/proc/cpuinfo|sort|uniq|

2.CPU: [XXXX@server ~]$ grep ‘cpu cores’/proc/cpuinfo|uniq| ‘:’ ‘{print $2}’

3. the logical cpu:[XXXX@server ~]$/cpuinfo| grep “processor”|wc -l

You can see my computer, single CPU, 4-core without Hyper-Threading

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